2014 Yearly Roundup Roundup

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Yes, you read it right. I did not make a mistake here, this is a roundup of roundups in the topic of world affairs. I picked my favorites, I hope you’ll enjoy!

The stories of 2014

A great picture walk through the stories of 2014 by Reuters

2014 in Photos

Another picture roundup. This one’s from the United Nations’ official Flickr.

2014: A look back at some of the year’s major developments

The UN News Centre also made this great roundup of major developments of 2014.

7 awful conflicts that were under-reported in 2014

I try to feature those stories here from time to time that you don’t hear enough about in the news. Now here’s a list of just some of them by The Washington Post.

Top 10 Worst UN Decisions of 2014

Still on a heavier note, UNWatch made a list of the “most immoral, corrupt and unjust” UN decisions of this past year on Buzzfeed.

The Top Tweets from Secretary @JohnKerry in 2014

What better way to review the world events of 2014 than through the tweets of the top US diplomat?

Finally, not one, but two of my favorite roundups are from ONE.org. Check them out here:

The 14 most popular ONE.org stories of 2014

14 of the most important global development moments of 2014

Fondo del año 2015 con estrellas, aquí lo tienes gratis en formato vectorial y Photoshop por capas y en alta resolusión, para calendarios y Año Nuevo.

Here’s to many positive roundup worhty world events in the new year! Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and a very happy 2015!

Thank you for reading, see you next year!

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