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Blabbing August 2022

Happy September! It’s incredible to think that the majority of the year has already passed, and what an eventful year this was so far! At the end of every summer I am always half sad, because summer weather is my favourite, but half happy, because after the summer slump, finally things get going in September. I really feel September is the other January! It’s like a fresh start, whether you go to school or not. BTW, I am actually going back to school this fall, so it’s double the excitement this time. I kept going with these one second videos,…

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Blabbing February 2022

In light of all that’s happened in the past week, all of February seems meaningless now, but I am sharing this post out of optimism that better days are coming. I almost resumed my social life in February. Well, still far from it, but I took the first steps. Went out to see a movie two times, attended some other social events. All masked up, and not too many people, but still. I went hiking one weekend, which was much needed time spent outdoors. And I have more dates in my calendar for this next month than all of the…

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My year in travels

I have been noticeably absent from this blog in 2018, which I could easily label the worst year of my life. One of the few highlights though were some traveling experiences that I would like to share here. Hope you’ll enjoy and here’s to a better 2019! 🥂  1. Prague in spring Katalin Tarjan (@katalintarjan) által megosztott bejegyzés, Márc 16., 2018, időpont: 10:17 (PDT időzóna szerint) A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon Wonderful #rainy day in #Prague. ☔ 💖 #travel #rain #longweekend #walk #tourists Katalin Tarjan (@katalintarjan) által megosztott bejegyzés, Márc 16., 2018, időpont: 10:17 (PDT időzóna szerint) We visited Prague…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday! The New Year started with this great initiative and I was so glad to see most of the “celebrities” I am following standing behind this cause. There is a reason why I love all these people, I thought.  Also, it is Golden Globes Sunday, and I can’t wait to see them all wearing black tonight. Award season is one of the very few perks of these gloomy, grey after-holidays times, and I am excited for many of my favorites. To only name my biggest favorite, good luck to Mariah Carey and Marc Shaiman tonight! I hope you all had…

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Five things I love to bring to 2018

I wrote earlier that I didn’t really feel like doing a review of last year, since there are not many things to look back at. 2017 was decidedly not my year. Looking back what I feel is as if I have completely skipped the whole year. All I can think about is work, I even had 10+ paid leave days remaining (i.e. going to waste), because there was always some reason not to take a day off. Of course I have all the intention now to change things, so that I would have a bunch of great stuff to look…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday! By the time you are reading this, I will be in London ahead of the Mariah Carey Christmas concert Monday night (at the time of writing I even have a spare ticket to sell, message me if you are interested). As much as I love London, I’ve never visited during Christmas time, so I am pretty excited. There will be photos on my Instagram, check it out if you love London or Christmas or Mariah or all of them. Now, let’s see what happened in the world this week. With Jerusalem Move, Trump Sabotages His Own Mideast Peace…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday! Christmas is approaching more quickly than I would be comfortable with. At this point, I don’t even know how am I going to finish off everything on my to do list in just six days. In world affairs, this week was mostly about very disturbing news from Aleppo. Clicking here you can find ways to help, if you can, please do. In other news, António Guterres took the oath of office this week to be the 9th Secretary General of the United Nations from January 1. In anticipation of his term we shouldn’t forget about the merits of…

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Season’s Greetings

Wishing the happiest Christmas time to all my dear readers! Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! Thank you all so much for following!

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Monthly Matters

Doing: Being outdoors really. I work in an air conditioned office building where it is hard to even notice the changing of seasons. So usually I can’t wait to get out, breath some fresh air, and have some fun! I had some of it this August (not nearly enough, though), in the form of late night walks, short trip on the country-side while at home in Nagykálló, even a Danube cruise-trip. Learning: I have already written about Learning How To Learn, I took the 4-week course throughout August and it was so much fun. Highly recommended! Besides that, I was…

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Sunday Smack

Happy pre-Christmas weekend everybody! Especially those who don’t have to work anymore before Christmas. I am not amongst them this year, but I too will be heading home for the holiday tomorrow night. World news is all about South Sudan and CAR these days. It seems these two topics are going to define headlines for the last days of the year too. Here are some great posts from last week. On world affairs: South Sudan: How Bad Can It Get? Worrisome turning of events in the youngest country of the world. There is no way to predict the outcome yet. Read…

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