Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

By the time you are reading this, I will be in London ahead of the Mariah Carey Christmas concert Monday night (at the time of writing I even have a spare ticket to sell, message me if you are interested). As much as I love London, I’ve never visited during Christmas time, so I am pretty excited. There will be photos on my Instagram, check it out if you love London or Christmas or Mariah or all of them.

Now, let’s see what happened in the world this week.

With Jerusalem Move, Trump Sabotages His Own Mideast Peace Process

Surely, this was the story of the week. Such a move can certainly shake things up in the Middle East, just not in the good way.

14 UN Peacekeepers Have Been Killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Worst Attacks Against the UN in Years

Once again, UN peacekeepers have been targeted. Very sad week for the UN.

Resignation of Mugabe: A Military Coup or a Legitimate Expression of the People’s Will?

I am pretty sure that overthrowing someone who refused to leave power for 37 years must be indeed the people’s will. Let’s hope that what comes next will be according to their will too.

Employee of the Month: Mohamed bin Salman

On the risk of sounding like and old lady, I am a bit disturbed by the lightness of the language of this article, but eventually, the heaviness of the topic comes through.

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