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Blabbing July 2022

I am typing this in the middle of August this time, my writing goals pretty much went down the drain this summer. I started July with a week off of work that I spent home at my parents’ house in the countryside. Besides being able to get away from the noise of city life, I planned this one to be able to read and learn a lot and to be able to rethink my goals. And that’s exactly what I did, I’ve made some big decisions about how to move on in my career as well as my life. I’ll…

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Blabbing March 2022

This March was busier than my past two years altogether and still feels like it went by in a blink. I did still go on making the 1 second videos every day, and amazingly enough, even though so many things happened, it was the hardest month to keep doing it so far. There were days when it was obvious what to include, but other times I could forget about it altogether. First of all, we went back to work from the office full time from March 1. The next week from March 7 all Covid restrictions were lifted in Hungary,…

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Farewell, 2016!

Considering everything, no-one will miss you…  Especially these last days of the year really made people long for those days when you could just turn off the tv and hide away from all the bad news at least for a few days. While we all wish the next year to be the best ever, the undeniable truth is that we are facing it amid seemingly unstoppable wars, the rise of unacceptable political views and at the treshold of four years of who knows what. Still, I want this one to be a happy post. Aside from a sad personal loss…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday, everybody! As of today, I am off to vacation, so this is a pre-scheduled post. I had an unexpectedly busy week with lots of work to do and so little time remaining for other important things. Among the latter: taking the final exam of the International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague course I participated in recently on Coursera. I managed to finish the course Saturday night. Midnight, to be exact, after a tiresome day of touristing around (with a real tourist) in Budapest, and, uhm, also a glass of wine….

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Sunday Smack

Happy weekend everybody! There could not possibly be anyone who needed this weekend more than me. I have worked 10-12 hours/day all week, substituting for two of my colleagues away on vacation. It left me really worn out and anxiously looking forward to my own vacation two weeks from now. Catching up on world news was kind of a relaxation after all that. How about you all? How is your summer going so far? A Call for Article 51 Letters There are rules in the UN Charter for the instances of using force. And then there is reality. Perhaps this…

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