Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend everybody!

There could not possibly be anyone who needed this weekend more than me. I have worked 10-12 hours/day all week, substituting for two of my colleagues away on vacation. It left me really worn out and anxiously looking forward to my own vacation two weeks from now.

Catching up on world news was kind of a relaxation after all that.

How about you all? How is your summer going so far?

A Call for Article 51 Letters

There are rules in the UN Charter for the instances of using force. And then there is reality. Perhaps this might be a good time to start thinking about new rules that would not be so hard to abide by.

Syria’s Declared Nerve Agent Is Gone. So Why Is Nobody Celebrating?

Yes, this news went almost unnoticed by world media this week. Certainly, it does not solve the humanitarian crisis in Syria and as Western diplomats warn, it’s not even sure it’s true.

To Juncker or Not to Juncker – Is That the Question? 

To Juncker indeed, that is for sure now. But the train of thought in this post remains interesting.

How Do Witnesses Feel Testifying Against Accused War Criminals?

The results of a sociological study trying to answer this question are very instructive.

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