Why I still get excited about UNGA week?

Come mid-September and the annual high level week at the UN General Assembly, I used to be glued to the TV or some other device on hand where I could follow the speeches. Unfortunately these days I don’t have that kind of time on any random September afternoon (I’m on CET), so I couldn’t follow everything that was happening real time, but I was still very interested in the outcomes of those high level meetings. Besides the UN webservice and the still very active international community Twitter (sorry, I can’t call it anything else), I followed the happenings of the…

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What UN week was like

So, as the busiest week in international diplomacy is over now, here is what I thought of the general debate this year. The 72nd session of the UN General Assembly is well underway and of course keeps going on until next fall. Its most prominent week though with high level officials representing their countries on the GA floor is over now, with the closing of the general debate on Monday. The general debate must seem boring for many. I don’t think there is any one person who sits down and listens to almost 200 speeches in a row for days….

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday, all! I am still not done with the UNGA coverage, there is one more post in the making, to review the major happenings of this past week. The UN Social Media team did a tremendous job throughout the week, be sure check out their space. Envío buenos pensamientos a mis seguidores en México y Puerto Rico. And to everybody else, once again, if you can, please consider donating to help those affected – here you can find a couple of ways to do that. Let’s get to this week’s stories now. So, Has This Ever Happened Before? Let’s…

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#UNGA week kicks off on Monday

The general debate of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly starts on Tuesday, but there were plenty of meetings and events on Monday already. Just a couple of highlights from Monday: A High-Level Event on UN Reform was held as one of the first meetings of the day chaired by none other than US President Donald Trump who participates in his first UNGA as POTUS this week. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres delivered remarks before the High Level Stakeholder Dialogue on Climate Change which is of course now a recurring topic of the UNGA. The Dialogue was attended by…

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Sunday Smack

I hope you are having a great Sunday, everybody! Exciting days are coming in terms of world affairs! The 72nd session of the UN General Assembly had already started this week, the general debate with all the exciting speeches of world leaders is to come next week. As well as high level meetings and important side events. I will try to follow and report on everything daily, check back here if you are interested! Meanwhile, it was an eventful week, providing much topic for the coming days, here’s some of the best posts. Breaking the Impasse with North Korea There…

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Three Achievements of the High Level Week of the UN General Assembly

This high level week in September is the one when world leaders gather in New York for the general debate of the UN General Assembly, and while there, they can take part in other summits and initiatives of high importance. This year was no difference, these are three main achievements of this past week at the United Nations. 1. Two separate summits on refugees and migrants resulted in major commitments to solve the current crisis On Monday the UN’s High Level Meeting on Refugees and Migrants was mainly a political event where political commitments of all UN member states were put…

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Sunday Smack

Again, I had a very busy week at work, and it seems it’s been a busy week in world affairs too, my Feedly wasn’t this overflooded in months. Next week will be eventful and exciting in terms of international relations, and it is going to be eventful and exciting for me too, especially the weekend. On Friday I am traveling to The Hague to participate in the Just Peace Festival events. I am overly excited, as this is going to be my first time in the city of jusitce. For the International Open Day on Sunday I am registered to…

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united-nations: Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always. On Thursday’s Human Rights Day, make sure you know YOUR rights and freedoms. United Nations Human Rights explains here: http://www.un.org/en/events/humanrightsday/ Today is Human Rights Day! The UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this day 67 years ago. Do you know your rights?

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#UNGA70 General Debate digest Part II.

Again, better late, than never, right? This time, I am moving forward with the spearkers of the second half of the general debate. I was pleasantly surprised by the speech of President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of Croatia, it almost consoled me for the absence of the British Prime Minister, she is such a good speaker. I wanted to follow her speech of course for the Croatia’s involvement in the European refugee situation. In solving this crisis, she emphasized that we will have to find balance between national, regional and global interests.  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas elaborated on the Palestinian issue in…

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Sunday Smack

Happy weekend, everybody! It was a busy week in world affairs, the general debate of the 70th session of the UNGA ended yesterday, and I know I still owe you a review of UN week, it is in the making. Until it’s done, let’s do some Sunday reading. At the UN, Obama Takes the Long View on ISIS World leaders are still optimistic about winning the war against ISIS and extremism. Nigeria Has Deteriorated into a Major Humanitarian Crisis Another African crisis that doesn’t show no end. Xi On the Global Stage: The Costs of Leadership Indeed, all signs show…

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