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Happy Sunday, all!


I am still not done with the UNGA coverage, there is one more post in the making, to review the major happenings of this past week. The UN Social Media team did a tremendous job throughout the week, be sure check out their space.

Envío buenos pensamientos a mis seguidores en México y Puerto Rico. And to everybody else, once again, if you can, please consider donating to help those affected – here you can find a couple of ways to do that.

Let’s get to this week’s stories now.

So, Has This Ever Happened Before?

Let’s start in the middle. Of course we are talking about the leader of the most powerful member state of the United Nations threatening another UN member state with total destroyment. The post is rather short, I recommend checking out the comments too.

One year after promising to tackle Anti-Biotic Resistance, the UN assesses its progress 

Anti-biotic resistance became a major topic on the UN agenda during last year’s GA, and it remains there, possibly for a long time to come.

Nicaragua will sign the Paris Agreement, leaving only the US and Syria on the sidelines

Climate change was the other major topic among world leaders this week. Now only two countries remain out of the Paris Agreement: the USA and Syria.

Mosul Eyes Kurdish Referendum

A referendum of this kind would be a delicate matter even in the most stable parts of the world, so it is not just Mosul that watches closely tomorrow.

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