Sunday Smack

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I hope you are having a great Sunday, everybody!

Exciting days are coming in terms of world affairs! The 72nd session of the UN General Assembly had already started this week, the general debate with all the exciting speeches of world leaders is to come next week. As well as high level meetings and important side events. I will try to follow and report on everything daily, check back here if you are interested!

Meanwhile, it was an eventful week, providing much topic for the coming days, here’s some of the best posts.

Breaking the Impasse with North Korea

There are many great posts about how and if the present situation could be turned around without any serious damage done, this is just one of them.

The 5 Biggest Health Impacts of Massive Hurricanes

Even if there is proper funding for reconstruction, the impacts could be felt for months, some even for years after.

Bangladesh Wants to Deport Rohingya to a Remote and Uninhabitable Island

It is really difficult to comprehend how could something like this occur in a country led by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Neighbouring Bangladesh doesn’t prove more humane either.

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