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Happy Sunday!


I hope this finds you safe and well. Here’s a bunch of ways to help hurricane victims and here are others to help Mexico after the earthquake. I hope you’ll consider to contribute if you can!

Most of my sources had a short week, so there were less posts, but lots happened! Here’s what I recommend.

This hurricane season shows why small islands pushed so hard for climate action

And also why measurable action cannot be delayed any more.

What would war with North Korea look like?

Not good, not at all good. It wouldn’t be simple and probably wouldn’t be quick. What I was wondering is to what extent North Koreans do support their leader? And how many of them? 

Hungary and Slovakia challenged Europe’s refugee scheme. They just lost badly.

Hungary and Slovakia excluded themselves from the EU decision of some sort of quota system for accepting refugees, and challenged the decision at the EU’s Court of Justice. The judgement was sort of predictable, what’s next is important.

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