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Christmas is coming...

Happy pre-Christmas weekend everybody! Especially those who don’t have to work anymore before Christmas. I am not amongst them this year, but I too will be heading home for the holiday tomorrow night.

World news is all about South Sudan and CAR these days. It seems these two topics are going to define headlines for the last days of the year too. Here are some great posts from last week.

On world affairs:

South Sudan: How Bad Can It Get?

Worrisome turning of events in the youngest country of the world. There is no way to predict the outcome yet. Read further on UNDispatch about how this is a huge failure for US policy.

Showdown at Human Rights Council

Anyone who thought there was no need to worry about electing some non democratic countries to the HRC was wrong. Things are getting difficult in Geneva.

Syria: It’s time for Iran and Saudi Arabia to act

Roughly a month before the new rounds of Syria peace talks, what could Saudi Arabia and Iran do to promote progress in the region.

On the legal side:

How Witness Tampering Fatally Undermined ICC Prosecution of Kenya’s President

What has been feared by human rights groups for a long time is now admitted by the prosecutor: witness tampering lead to lack of evidence in this case.

Entertainment bit of the week:

Mariah Carey criticised for Angola concert

OK, well you all know I love MC, I have been a fan for so long. Here is a story that actually has something to do with my topic here, so I decided not to overlook it. 

This one is a very delicate issue, and I have to find myself agreeing with JD, who says if you blame Mariah, you should be blaming the Red Cross or President Obama as well. 

No-one can possibly say that Mariah is someone who does not care about human rights, she is constantly promoting good causes, she does have causes to defend of her own. But we have to see that stars are humans too, they have to make money, and this one was just a choice she made. Sure, as a fan, I would like her to be more considerate of what she gives her name to, yet I respect her no less for this choice.

They have invited her to sing at this event, they payed good money for it, she accepted it. People can be all hypocritical about it, but it is not like she’s actively supporting or endorsing dictators. That is just my opinion, but there are much greater problems in the world right now that would deserve at least the same attention.

Now, that being said, this is also a good excuse to leave you with some Christmas tunes this weekend. Enjoy your holidays, people!

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