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Five things I love to bring to 2018

I wrote earlier that I didn’t really feel like doing a review of last year, since there are not many things to look back at. 2017 was decidedly not my year. Looking back what I feel is as if I have completely skipped the whole year. All I can think about is work, I even had 10+ paid leave days remaining (i.e. going to waste), because there was always some reason not to take a day off. Of course I have all the intention now to change things, so that I would have a bunch of great stuff to look…

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Sunday Smack

Happy New Year’s Eve, everybody! This is the yearly round-up edition of Sunday Smack, with a couple of reviews of the year. I was also thinking aobut doing a more personal round-up as I did last year, but looking back this year doesn’t give me much pleasure, so I am still not sure if it is going to happen. Anyway, here’s a bit of reading before the party gets going. Key events around the world in 2017 The title says it all, some of the news stories that shaped our passing year. Ten World Figures Who Died in 2017 I…

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