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Happy New Year’s Eve, everybody!


This is the yearly round-up edition of Sunday Smack, with a couple of reviews of the year. I was also thinking aobut doing a more personal round-up as I did last year, but looking back this year doesn’t give me much pleasure, so I am still not sure if it is going to happen.

Anyway, here’s a bit of reading before the party gets going.

Key events around the world in 2017

The title says it all, some of the news stories that shaped our passing year.

Ten World Figures Who Died in 2017

I thought this one was a nice commemorative review, I certainly found it interesting.

10 ways President Trump upended the world order in 2017

Yes, I had to. I mean there is no denying the man is one of the main reasons we can’t look towards 2018 with our usual optimism (when is it 2020 already?). Beware the autoplay video when opening the link!

Year in pictures from BBC, CNN and Reuters

Can’t you tell how much I love these photo round-ups each year, I can never choose which one to include here, so let’s check out all of them! If you love great photojournalism, you won’t regret!

And for a bonus, here’s a quick look into the future too:

9 Stories that will Drive the Global Agenda in 2018

Mark Leon Goldberg always does this great!

Happy New Year, may 2018 turn out to be the best year ever for all of us!

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