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Happy Christmas!

I was thinking about skipping this week’s Sunday Smack altogether, because I though no-one would read it on Christmas Eve. But then I saw the flood of issues and posts from the course of this week, which made me decide I can’t take the week off.

So, here’s a couple of not at all christmassy reads for you today.

UN Vote on Jerusalem Tests the Power of Trump’s Threats and Ultimatums

Hopefully he will think twice before such a dumb move.

The Well Respected UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is Leaving Because His Job Has Become Impossible

Sad to think that even the UN human rights system can fall victim to Trump’s ignorant human rights policy.

The Possibility of Disclosing Findings After a Detainee Dies in International Criminal Proceedings

I think we do have to think about the real aim of the proceedings and adjust the rules to be able to reach it. And on this same note, The doors close at the ICTY by the end of this year.

Veil Bans in the European Court of Human Rights

This is a very complex issue and it is hard to decide what is right and wrong, because it can be different from country to country, or even individual to individual. The Court’s precedents in this regard are interesting to study.

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