Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, Everybody!

I have had the best time in London earlier this week. Although sunny London is still my favorite London, snowy London was a spectacular sight to see! And I’ll be back in just four months!

Until then, there is a holiday season to get through. Every year I pledge not to become so overwhelmed and overloaded by this time, and every year I fail. It is a busy time at work and with everything else to get done, by the time it’s actually Christmas I just wish to get it over with and be able to sleep. Is it just me or is it the times we live in?

Anyway, here’s some quick reading for today.

This has been an Interesting 24 hours of North Korea Diplomacy

That there is any kind of diplomacy regarding North Korea to talk about is encouraging in itself.

Trump to Let Assad Stay until 2021, as Putin Declares Victory in Syria

Not that they have any other choice, as every possible attempt to remove him failed in the last few years. It is still disappointing that with all the human rights regimes in place, a leader who kills his own people is rewarded in such a way.

The Significance of Dalveer Bhandari’s, and India’s, Recent Election to the ICJ

I have posted about this earlier, how the UK opted out of the ICJ for the first time in the Court’s history. Here is a deeper analysis of what this could possibly mean.

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