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Happy Sunday!


Wow, what an eventful week! 

I couldn’t agree more with the Monday cover of La Razón, thank you France for voting inclusion and democratic values! Vive la France!

The most turmoil of course was in US politics this week, as is kind of usual these days. It’s also kind of usual for me to refer you to late show clips, because these guys are doing their jobs amazingly no matter how hard it is these days (*coughs* #fakenews). Nothing proves it better than the fact that they actually irritate the president.

On a lighter note, U2′s #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Tour just launched this Friday in Vancouver, Canada and it is epic! As is everything in the history of U2 shows.

And lastly, the Eurovision Song Contest also happened this week. I know it is all politics and who knows what and what is the point of the “contest” if everybody knew Portugal was going to win anyway. I just still enjoy the vibe of it all! The big theatrical performances, the ballads, the political references, the neighbours voting for one another, and just the fact that some things never ever change, which I find kind of comforting these days.

The Macron Leaks: Are They Real, and Is It Russia? 

How disturbing is it that such things can happen in an election or otherwise. Cybersecurity is still mostly an unmapped territory, and perhaps it will always be, but we should be able to do something to preserve the clarity of our elections.

Thanks to the USA, 7,400 Babies Were Born in this Refugee Camp Without a Single Death. Now, the White House is Pulling Its Support

Still about the US cutting the budgets of key UN agencies. On a slightly related note, imagine these children, thousands of them being born in refugee camps and how the camp is all they know and experience during their defining first years of growing up. Let’s think about this for a moment.

Chechnya’s Anti-Gay Purge: Crimes Against Humanity

This is about how these human rights regimes need to evolve over time. Sadly, the evolution of their violation fails to come to an end.

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