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Happy April, Everybody!


There is wonderful spring weather in Hungary these days, I hope you are also somewhere enjoying spring.

There was also wonderful spring weather in London during the short time I have spent there this week, the highlight of which I already shared in a previous post. It was my first time there since the Brexit referendum (las time I visited just a week before that), so I was curious whether anything has changed. I have to say I haven’t noticed anything. The media of course was full of Brexit reports on March 29, but other than that, everything went as usual.

In other news, the Hungarian Parliament is about to amend the public education legislation next week, in a way that would probably result kicking out Central European University from Hungary. It would be a long story to elaborate here, you can learn a lot about it clicking this link. Meanwhile, if you are a supporter of open societies, freedom of education, academic excellence and freedom of speech among other values, please sign the petition today to save CEU, because time is of importance here.

Now, let’s read.

Brexecution Underway: UK Notifies EU of Intent to Depart 

And for a start, here’s everything you need to know about Brexit as things stand after Wednesday’s formal action.

Two UN Investigators Reportedly Slain in Congo. They Served Humanity

This poses the question whether any sanctions regimes can be effective if investigators are at risk.

North Korea and the Law on Anticipatory Self-Defense

The US is threatening with actions of anticipatory self-defense against North-Korea, that might or might not be in accordance with international law. But this also might or might not bother the Trump administration.

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