Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday! Again, I hope everybody is safe this weekend!

After a very eventful and exciting few days in international law, let’s recap some of the biggest stories of the week.

Failed coup: 250 dead, 1400 injured, 2,839 detained

I did not come across a proper blog post about this so far, but still had to include it. What is happening in the world? Turkey used to be a peaceful holiday location not so long ago.

China’s Legacy Maritime Claims

If you are an international lawyer, or follow international law news sites and blogs you couldn’t have not heard about this week’s landmark decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration regarding the South China Sea. This post reminds that there are more maritime claims of China.

The Siege of Aleppo Could Be the Most Depraved Moment of the Entire Syrian Civil War

A significantly large one, but still just one element in an untenable situation that needs to end ASAP.

Russia and China Challenge the Western Hegemony in the Interpretation of International Law

This one is really interesting in light of this week’s South China Sea decision. Is there a right approach to the application of international law or there will always be cultural differences? Or are they only cultural differences or more?

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