Finally got my copy of Kofi Annan’s book!

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I ordered it like seven weeks ago from Amazon, then I waited and waited and it hasn’t arrived. Then they sent me a replacement copy, then the original one arrived and for some reason I had to send the first one back and wait for the replacement which I ordered to an alternate address that is further away from me now, so I had to wait another week until I finally got my book in my hands…

Anyway, shoutout to UKPaperbackshop for their plain-dealing client service, I’ve never had any dispute like this with any retailer and they really were a great help! The delay with the first package must have been the failure of the postal service, although it is impossible to tell where in Europe it got stuck. It took more than four weeks for it to get here instead of the replacement which was here in a week.

But finally it is with me and I can’t wait to actually start reading it!

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