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Happy Easter, everybody!

After a week like this, I wish everybody to be safe wherever you are! Today’s reads are not at all pleasant, let’s get to them…

What the Brussels Attacks Tell Us About the State of ISIS and Europe Today

There are tons of analysis to read on the topic these days. It certainly cannot be said that the Belgian intelligence  were not preparing for an attack like this. Yet they were not prepared. I hate to say this, but since this seems to become the new normal, perhaps we, in Europe really should start thinking about how to restructure our defense agencies to meet the challenges of our times.

After Brussels, Will the Controversial EU-Turkey Refugee Deal Unravel?

It probably will. The question is, what comes to take its place? A common European plan is needed. Cooperation with Turkey is needed. Abiding by the rules of international law would be a bonus as opposed to the previous deal.

ICC issues landmark judgment: Bemba convicted as commander-in-chief for sexual violence crimes Part 1 and Part2

Meaning, this is a first for the ICC, on a week of firsts! First judgement on sexual violence both as a war crime and a crime against humanity. And on “command responsibility”, as in convicting the commander for the crimes of his subordinates. 

ICTY Convicts Radovan Karadzic

In addition to the ICC’s week of firsts, international criminal justice really did have a momentum this week. The ICTY also reached an important verdict in the case of Radovan Karadzic. Another verdict concerning the crimes of the Bosnian war is expected next week in the case of Vojislav Seselj.

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