Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, all! 

In Hungary we are past a nice long weekend that I have spent in the countryside. I am typing these words on a train back to Budapest, that was delayed 70 (!) minutes (Edit: departure time was delayed 70 minutes, and another 60 minutes was added during the train ride, so I got home more than two hours later than planned, I’m not one to complain, but I wish I could say this is not typical in Hungary…).

That means I had more than enough time to catch up with my reading for this post. Hope you’ll check out some of my travel reads too.

What if Assad Becomes Willing Now that Russia is Able?

There is no sign of Assad being willing, or Russia being able to make him so. Neither is it clear whether that would be anywhere near the plan.

A Heroic Operation to Free ISIL Prisoners…and a Reminder that the “Assist” Mission Can Mean U.S. Troops in Ground Combat

A very sad occurrence indeed, and we probably don’t even know half of what happened.

Diplomatic Intrigue as Committee Approves Kosovo’s Bid to Join UNESCO

Yet another proof that the UN operates on the basis of political and diplomatic chess play instead of real effectiveness or practicality.

The FIFA Corruption Scandal from the Perspective of Public International Law

A little international law to conclude. Of course the FIFA scandal has an international law perspective. And it is going to be a difficult and complex case, that’s for sure.

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