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Happy Sunday Everybody!

I was down with a terrible cold most of this week, which made me delay the launch of one new feature to the blog. But, better late than never, right? I’ll work on it next week.

Hope you can take time to check out this week’s post while doing your Sunday things. 🙂

The Legality of ISIS Air Strikes Under International Law

While John Kerry continues his campaign to collect supporters for the cause, this is a great post about the alternatives of making bombing Syria look like it was legal. 

The NATO Summit’s Most Important Outcome (Maybe)

Just the post I was missing last weekend. I think it is unquestionable that the decision on this new rapidly deployable force is the most important decision of the summit, what is still unclear is whether it means anything for this ongoing crisis in Ukraine or it is only to prevent future incidents in the region.

ICC: Request for investigation into alleged Hamas war crimes

The ICC has indeed no jurisdiction over Palestine yet, but for how long? Everybody thought it is Palestine’s main interest to join the Rome Statute ASAP when the state was recognized by the UN almost two years ago.

Hungary: Opposition MPs await Strasbourg judgement on parliamentary disruption human rights complaint

Just the country I live in… ECHR’s decision is due next week.

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