Hungary votes

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Parliamentary elections are held in Hungary on Sunday, April 6.

The governing Fidesz party, the likely winner of this election have previously made numerous changes on the election law with its 2/3 majority in parliament.


The size of parliament has been reduced from 386 to 199 MPs. 106 of those seats are filled by individual candidates and the rest from party lists.

This is the first time in 24 years, since the fall of communism that there won’t be a second round held according to the new law. The final results will be decided today by the above pictured rules.

As you can see below, there are 18 party lists to choose from which is a record number of registered candidate parties.


BTW, this is also the first time I can post this picture on election day without considering whether this platform falls under the effect of Hungarian election law thus violating campaing silence, as there is no campaign silence in the new rules. Except for 150 meters around voting stations, you can talk politics all you want all day long.

I could go on listing a number of novelties, like voting rights for non-resident Hungarian citizens; no minimum turnout for a valid election; the national minority list and the right for minorities to send a spokesperson to parliament whether they gain enough votes or not.

Check out the Hungarian National Election Office’s homepage to learn more.

And, if you are a voting aged Hungarian citizen in Hungary today, please go cast your vote!

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