I’m back (I think)

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I haven’t posted in a while, but now I’m on a new platform and full of new ideas.

When I first started blogging on Tumblr (back when Tumblr used to be cool, I guess), my goal was to be able to share (reblog, mostly) the ideas and information that most inspired me in the topic of international law and world affairs. Soon, I discovered the directions I wanted to go, and started to create more of my own content. Then as my interests evolved and my free-time became practically non-existent, blogging was less of a priority and the quality of my posts really reflected that.

In the past few years I got a job where I spend my working hours with non-stop reading and thinking, so, oftentimes I feel that my brain capacity can’t take any more of that after work. You know how they say that when you have a verbal job, you should look for a non-verbal hobby and vica versa? I do feel that, but I love reading and writing both as a job and as a hobby, so I guess I’m not going to start knitting or playing an instrument just yet… (or maybe playing an instrument would be cool, why not? 🤔)

Another thing that’s happened throughout this pandemic and all the lockdowns was that as busy as I almost always am, I started needing something to do with my creative energies. In 2020 I had a writing assignment on the Ms. JD blog, where I had to publish an article every month, and as soon as I published the last one more than a year ago now, I started craving the next task. Sparing you the details, 2021 was way worse for me (and my closer circle) than 2020 in terms of the pandemic and its effects, and besides the drama of all of that, I constantly felt I needed to do something with all the ideas I have in my head. I have lots of ideas for writing, I even have a plan to publish a book in the next ten years, I have ideas for activism, all of which require a platform where I can work on them.

So, here I am with an old-new blog, with the old format on a new platform, with the old name, but lots of new ideas. And here’s a quick list of the kinds of topics I would like to write about.

  • World affairs, of course. Curating, mostly, but I still want to share information, ideas, resources for professionals and students interested in international diplomacy like I am.
  • Learning. I consider myself a lifelong learner and constantly seek learning opportunities. Currently I am not enrolled in any academic institution, but I do have plans to continue my studies. Meanwhile, I am learning French, so I might post about my progress in language learning.
  • Traveling. I love to travel! Traveling is one of my main sources of inspiration, recharges my batteries every time. I haven’t traveled too much (almost none) in the past two years, you know why, but this year one of my main goals is to resume traveling no matter what (while of course complying with any safety measures in place).
  • Pop culture. My favorite books, podcasts, TV shows, movies, music, stuff I find interesting and worthy of mentioning here.

Still as part of this introductory round, I will post separately about each topic in general in the next days. Stay tuned for that.

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