Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and happy World Book and Copyright Day! Isn’t this a great occasion for some Sunday reading? I hope you can take some time for that.

This has been a busy and interesting week with winter returning to Central Europe (that may or may not be blamed on climate change), ongoing protests in Hungary and elsewhere and of course today’s elections in France.

Now let’s do some reading!

Referendum Results Risk Further Polarization in Turkey

Last week’s referendum is the latest sign that Turkey is moving towards a dangerous direction.

‘Terrorism’ at the World Court: Ukraine v Russia as an Opportunity for Greater Guidance on Relevant Obligations?

This indeed is an interesting and important case before the ICJ.

This Government Used “Fake News” as a Pretext to Shut Off The Internet to Half the Country 

What this story shows beyond the obvious is how powerful a weapon the internet is these days for both parties.

Victims’ interminable wait for justice in Sri Lanka

A must-read summarizing post on the very rarely talked about case of Sri Lanka.

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