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When asked about my hobbies I like to say learning for me is a hobby. I enjoy learning new stuff about my own profession and also about other topics just to widen my knowledge.

When I took my teacher training courses at university (so I can teach social sciences), life long learning was a relatively new concept. Since I always loved to learn, I immediately embraced the idea, even though it was so foreign to what I knew and grew up with. Being a first generation university graduate, although there were lots of books and reading in our household (which is close to learning), but seeing grown ups learning wasn’t a common occurrence.

After finishing my studies (i.e. two university degrees), I never really stopped learning. It was right around the time when I got my second degree when now famous learning platforms started emerging on the internet. I was one of the early birds trying out edX and Coursera, taking courses of the world’s most prestigious universities for free, without ever having to leave my room (not having to leave the house had its appeal back then, not anymore, thanks to Covid…). I mostly took classes in law, but sometimes ventured into different directions too. Here’s how I wrote about it a few years ago.

Later I started to be really interested in the methodology of learning, and even neuroscience and the working of the brain. I took several learning methods courses and love to read about this topic too. Brain training (like training any of your other organs) is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can help you avoid several brain issues that are said to be part of growing older, but really are not.

This time around I am not enlisted in formal education, but I am planning to continue my studies in academia. I am contemplating PhD studies for a long time, but unfortunately, due to political reasons, currently there are no universities in Hungary that I would like to be affiliated with. I am thinking elsewhere too, but we will have to see about that.

Right now I am learning French, and I also have a basic and very passive Spanish language knowledge. Besides mentioning/recommending my occasional courses and trainings I might be writing about my progess in learning French and my overall experiences in language learning.

I really believe that the ability to learn well and quickly is the single most important skill of our day and age, so I consider this an important topic. Whether it is learning new skills, a new language, a whole new topic or just new developments in your profession, you always have be ready, otherwise, you will be left behind. You can read more about what I do to train my brain if you stick around.

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