Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

This past one turned out to be only a two day working week for me. I was not so politely asked by my not so polite superior to take some days off while she’s going to be in the office, so we are not gonna have to meet.

At one point in my forced holiday (that I have spent out of town) I was even grateful for her, feeling that I really needed these days off. Nevertheless, I spent some time thinking about my future in this job where I mostly have to spend 10+ hours per day while I am not really welcome.

For countless reasons, this is the weirdest job I have ever had. Not that I had so many, but those all had clear job descriptions, things went the way we agreed upon in the first place, and after almost three months I did not have to wonder why ever they hired me.

Now I decided I should be working on issues that really give me something instead of just taking everything out of me. I will have to devote my almost non-existent free time to that.

Meanwhile of course I have found time to follow the news and my favorite proessional blogs. Check out this week’s favorites.

On world affairs:

The German Intelligence Agencies Are Coming to Town

Outrage in Europe over the NSA’s overseas surveillance activity kept leading the news all week.

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Destruction a Success So Far. What’s Next? 

Minor as it seems, meeting the first deadline in this process is indeed a success. But will it be enough to lead to ending this crisis?

On the legal side:

Should US Law Protect the Privacy of Foreigners Abroad?

Interesting legal aspect of this question. In my opinion, if it should not protect actively, it should not by any means violate it.

Entertainment bit of the week:

It is not really entertainment this time. It’s rather country marketing or destination marketing as it is usually called. Hungary’s tourism agency came out with a new campaign video this week and it is very close to how we’d all like foreigners to see our country. Take a look.

Unfortunately embedding is not allowed, but it’s still worth taking a look.

On the same note here’s another ad for Hungary from this week, although this one was not made with marketing purposes. A popular Hungarian graffiti artist, Taker has created this Malala graffiti in Budapest. Isn’t it cool?


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