On World Refugee Day – a closer look at one of the most serious refugee situations of our time

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– Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis over 1,6 million people left Syria to seek refuge in another country.

– That accounts roughly for 6% of Syria’s overall population.

– Most usually they flee for one of the neighbouring countries – Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt.

– Having to cope with such a large number of refugees puts a heavy burden on the host countries, especially those not quite well off themselves.

– The majority of Syrian refugees arrive with not much more than their clothes on, so they cannot get by without aid.

– Three-quarters of the Syrian refugees are women and children.

Hundreds of Syrian babies are born as refugees in refugee camps.

– If current trend persists, it is expected that over 3 million Syrian people would have fled the country by the end of 2013. That would be more than 13% of Syrian population.

All data is courtesy of the UN Refugee Agency. Please visit their site for more detailed information and ways to help refugees from Syria and elsewhere.

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