Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody! I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summery weather as much as I do. In fact I will be off for a late vacation for a few days next week.

Here’s what  I’ve read before leaving.


I never change the spelling of titles, and in this case perhaps all-caps is a well-deserved emphasis. The ICC investigation is good news, but given how long it usually takes, we need more.

President Trump Will Preside Over a UN Security Council Meeting About Iran. Iran’s President May Be There, Too

This might be the single most interesting event of this year’s GA, although there are many more important issues on the agenda as well.

The Iranian Suit against the US Sanctions and the 1955 Treaty of Amity: Brilliant Plan or Aberration?

Speaking of Iran, this reminds me once again of how international jurisdiction is similar to what happens at domestic courts. You (as counsel) should find the very best legal basis, even if it sounds nonsensical at first, and then just hang on to it.

Turkey Might Not Like the West, But Needs It

It seems to be every modern dictator’s dilemma when it comes to whom to side with in order to keeping the image but still benefiting the most.

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