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Happy Sunday Everybody!

This week I have won access to all of Levo’s Ultimate Career Toolkit guides! I can’t wait to try and utilize them in my career planning which is going pretty hard these days. Anyways, expect a detailed review here at some point about the guides that seem really well prepared and useful.


I know it’s not the point, but A and E come together for me, actually… 🙂

Are you on Levo? Let’s connect there, I am easy to find, just type in my name in the search bar, top right corner. And if you’re not on Levo yet, you totally should be!

Let’s do some reading now.

What the World’s Poorest Countries Want from the Paris Climate Talks and 

A “Legally Binding Treaty” or Not? The Wrong Question for Paris Climate Summit

There are some countries whose existence literally hang in the balance here, and their needs most definitely deserve to be considered. To address those needs, the treaty, with the proper content of course, needs to be binding. There are some countries who don’t want it to be binding. The second and final week of #COP21 should be interesting.

British Parliament (Unlike the U.S. Congress) Actually Votes on Use of Force in Syria

The British Parliament, after some argument about the meaning of Security Council Resolution 2249, had indeed voted on military involvement in Syria. The British and the US are of course two very different sets of political systems.

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