Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people!

I have had a crazy week at work, and an even crazier (but pleasant!) weekend spent with friends, hence this late Sunday Smack. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Meanwhile, there were a lot of great readings in the blogosphere this week, it was hard to pick a few. Check out my selection.

The Kunduz Hospital Attack: The Existence of a Fact-Finding Commission and 

Will the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Awaken? The Kunduz Hospital Attack and the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission

There need to be a way to investigate the circumstances of this attack, and this might be it. The question is whether the US would submit to it.

200 Days of War in Yemen

I do think that this conflict is still inexplicably under-reported, while the records are ever graver.

Ahead of the Game: Prosecuting Syrian Crimes in French Courts

Why French courts, you ask? Well, until Russia can veto all Security Council resolutions referring the case to the ICC, there are not many other options than individual states taking action. If only France would have jurisdiction.

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