Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people, I hope everybody is having a great weekend! It is unbelievably gloomy here in Hungary these days, I am so in need of a dose of sunshine now. Perhaps a doze of my favorite TV shows will do until then.

This is going to happen tonight, and I can’t wait. I mean I literally have zero time to watch these things anymore, but this one is a must. Even without my idol, Madeleine Albright in it, but with her, even more so!

Anyway, Part II. of my UNGA general debate recap is halfway done, I plan to post it tomorrow.

But first, here’s a recap of this past week now…

Strike at Kunduz: Did the United States Violate International Humanitarian Law?

The most probable answer based on facts we know so far is yes, the US did violate IHL. An independent investigation is still needed to find out the details, though.

Russia’s Holy War in Syria

What are Russia’s real intentions in Syria is a question many wonder about these days. Here’s a possible and very likely explanation.

Ukraine Derogates from the ICCPR and the ECHR, Files Fourth Interstate Application against Russia

The legal challenging of Russia’s actions seemed to have stopped for a long time, now we see evidence that lawyers are doing there jobs indeed. With what results, is another question.

Richard Field: Experts discuss causes and consequences of the refugee crisis

This is not your average blog post for several reasons, but I learned a lot from it about the refugee situation in Europe, so I hope it will be useful for you too.

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