Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend, everybody!

Fall has undeniably arrived, according to the calendar and to the weather as well. The past days were incredibly gloomy in Hungary.

These are very exciting times in world affairs, though, look!

I will do my best to keep you updated on the events of UN week in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Now, here is your round up for this week.

5 Big Stories that Will Drive the Agenda During UN Week

Next week is UN Week! It has already started actually with the Sustainable Development summit this Friday, but the general debate starts tomorrow with exciting issues on the table.

Transfers from Israel are a symptom of the global refugee crisis seizing Europe

A very telling background story about the roots of the refugee crisis.

Resettling Syrian Refugees: Lessons from the (Forgotten) Iraqi Refugee Crisis

Is there really anything to apply to the current situation from the Iraqi refugee crisis of the last decade, or times just changed and we must find new solutions?

Prosecuting ISIL before the International Criminal Court: Challenges and Obstacles

There is nothing but challenges and obstacles when it comes to prosecuting ISIL (or any terrorist group for that matter), since the situation just doesn’t fit the frame. I guess then we will have to reshape the frame.

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