Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend, everybody!

Summer is just about to return for a few days in Hungary, which I am really happy about – as if there were not enough overly warm days during the past months… Well, what can I say, I love summer!

Meanwhile I am working on a few things to shake up my professional profile, online and real time – is there a difference anymore, anyway?

While I will have to use my time management skills really hard, there will be some exciting new posts on this platform, too.

Here’s this week’s round-up, for a start…

Why Does the USA Admit So Few Refugees from Syria?  and 

Why Canada is Accepting so Few Syrian Refugees  and 

Why Australia is Accepting so Few Syrian Refugees

There is a lot of talk about the refugee crisis in Europe, and no doubt, European countries do have their share of responsibility to accept refugees, but so do other countries. These are great summaries of how things look in the US, Canada and Australia.

New guidelines on treatment of migrants

Hate to say, but I am not sure Hungary (and a couple other EU and Council of Europe member states to be fair) have got the memo yet…

A British Anwar al-Awlaki Scenario? UK Targets British ISIL Member, in Syria, on an Imminent/Continuous Threat Theory

This week’s news about  the UK killing a UK citizen in Syria raised a few questions concerning international law.

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