Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday everybody! 

This is a half pre-written post, as I am spending these days vacationing in Croatia.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment.

(If any of you happens to know how on earth does one add photo to a text post in Tumblr’s Android app, please let me know, because I have tried, but couldn’t figure it out…)

Insert beach photo here, which I did not have the chance to take yet, for we are locked in by the rain, so this rainy view from our window will have to do for now, the Adriatic sea is right there behind the trees. Not good, I know, but we have yet another week to wait for the sun. We have tested the water though, and it’s already perfect.

Follow my Instagram next week for more, I can’t wait to upload some sunshiny vacation photos, even though I am totally not the kind of gal who spends her vacation on social media. 🙂

Now, your Sunday reading is ready and served…

Why Stopping Peacekeeper Abuse is So Politically Difficult. And So Very Important

The harsh reaction of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was totally worthy of the situation calling for it. Peacekeepers should provide calm instead of fear.

UNESCO is Fighting a Different Kind of Culture War

Compared to major losses of lives this certainly seems secondary, but preserving cultural heritage in times of war is important, and calls for serious action.

When Cubs Become Lions: The Future of ISIS Child Soldiers

I don’t really have words for this – other than very-very disturbing.

European Court of Human Rights: 2015 – The Story So Far Part1 and Part2

The Council of Europe created this story on Storify about the first half year of the Strasbourg Court in 2015. Great way to review the Court’s cases! The story is divided to two quarter years, so look out for the two links in the post!

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