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Happy first day of Summer everybody! Astrologically, that is, although weather-wise we are past a few hot summer days already.

I hope all your summers are going wonderfully. I am still busy as ever, and it’s a shame especially because there are plenty of things to post about these days. I am trying hard not to miss marking anything important.

These are just a few of this week’s top posts.

World Refugee Day 2015: The Urgent Need For A Fresh Perspective On Global Migration

Yesterday was World Refugee Day, but these days there are so much more to remind us about the now almost world-wide refugee crisis, than just an occasion like this.

Omar al Bashir has left the Building (and the Country)

He has, again. And again, a signatory state of the Rome Statute looked the other way.

European Court Decides that Israel Is Not Occupying Gaza

Great piece about the far-reaching implications of a recent ECHR decision. 

The Papal Encyclical on the Environment Will Influence More than Just Catholics

Another topic that I did not find the time to cover thoroughly yet, but I still want to, so I will definitely spend a whole post on it. This one was posted before the the encyclical was actually published, and yet provides a perfect understanding of the final document.

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