Sunday Smack

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I hope your weekends are going well. Mine is going too fast, as usual.

Here’s some reading for you all…

Protecting Europe or Irregular Migrants? The (Mis)use of Force in the Mediterranean

It is clear that there is no win-win solution here. But even finding the one that causes the least harm will be difficult.

Coup Attempt in Burundi–What’s Next?

Another African nation that faces political violence and conflict ahead of an upcoming election.

Hersh’s Account of the Bin Laden Raid is Journalistic Malpractice

Agreed. And the quote about how fact checking is just nuisance is simply outrageous. It is the scamming of the readers who are presented with fiction while believing they are reading the truth.

UN examines U.S. human rights record 

I don’t doubt that these reviews could really be useful, but one must wonder about the seriousness of a meeting where the representative of North Korea raises concern about the “violations of human rights” in the US (even knowing that the UN is all about these meetings).

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