Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday Everybody and Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers (especially on this side of the pond, where we celebrate Mother’s Day today)!

I had a relatively busy week at work and an even busier, but different kind of busy long weekend. I hope all your weekends went great (/are going great if you’re still in the middle of it, yes hello there in the UK, I sort of envy you now)!

There weren’t too many world affairs related posts this week to choose from, these are the ones I found interesting.

The Jus ad Bellum and the Airstrikes in Yemen: Double Standards for Decamping Presidents?

A legitimate parallel drawn between the situation of Yemen and that of Ukraine. To what extent are the two situations similar?

Can the Pope Sway Climate Diplomacy?

Well if anyone can, it’s him. 2015 is a defining year of sustainable development and any kind of ammunition on the side of diplomacy can be crucial.

Pentagon: Navy Ready to Help Iranian-Held Ship

There were more than one ships recently, to be exact, while the story sounds like scenes from Madam Secretary.

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