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Happy Sunday!

This was an eventful week world affairs-wise with a lot of great posts all around the blogosphere. These are just a few of them.

Are Human Rights Hurting Migrants at Sea?

This issue rapidly became ever urgent and pressing in the past few weeks, one that needs to be effectively dealt with in the European Union as a whole, but also on individual member state levels.

The Economic Roots of Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

Another migration related issue from this week. Xenophobic violence sparks once again in one of the few economically stable African states.

Yemen is Fast Becoming a Humanitarian Disaster on Par with Syria and South Sudan 

Another deadly conflict with no end in sight. While US politicians debate whether to intervene or not, the humanitarian crisis worsens by the minute.

The government of Sudan, the bombing of civilians, and the silence of the international community

And speaking of Sudan, the situation doesn’t get any better there either, even though the international community seems to have lost interest in it.

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