Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday Everybody!

Hope you are ready for some Sunday reading…

The ISIS Guide to Holy War, or Lonely Planet: Islamic State

I really doubt that ISIS would give away all their tips and tricks in such a dumb book. I am afraid they are smarter than that, so this must be something to amuse intelligent agency workers, whether it proves to be practical to would-be-jihadists or not.

A UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy – Why Now?

And interestingly enough the resolution got all the support it needed. Perhaps we should start by redefining privacy in this digital age of government agencies spying on every living creature.

A Victory for LGBT Rights at the UN

It would be a much greater victory if such votes could not even occur. Not at the UN by all means, which should be the greatest human rights champion of all international organizations.

Secrecy in international agreements

Here is one unique aspect to look at the P5+1 agreement with Iran with some really good questions.

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