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Happy Spring Everybody!

I hope you are all having a great weekend and can take a little time to check out this week’s posts.

On Bibi’s ‘Reversal’ Concerning Palestinian Statehood and Netanyahu’s Latest ‘Reversal’ on Palestinian Statehood

I had to include both posts, like a sequel. The newly re-elected Israeli prime minister has reversed his position on the two-state solution two times within a few days. At least, by the looks of it.

Will Syrian War Criminals Ever Face Justice?

One should only hope so. The Syrian nightmare entered its fifth year and nothing seems to change.

A Country Was Nearly Wiped Off the Map This Weekend

Seriously, I wonder how many people have heard about Vanuatu for the very first time last weekend. Unfortunately many did not even pay attention. If you read only one post this time, I wish it would be this one.

Four women at the top ot the International Criminal Court – an international first

Yay! And congrats to the three newly elected judges! I am generally against thinking in quotas and mandatory positive discrimination of any sort. We need to change the atmosphere to one where women can succeed on their own and where no-one ever questions the way they did it. And while we are at it, you really should check out this great post on The Everygirl: Who Runs the World? Girls! It might seem slightly off-topic, but you will find it’s not.

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