Sunday Smack

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Welcome to the 100th Sunday Smack everybody!!!


I can’t believe that I am doing this weekly round-up for 100 weeks (= almost two years!) already! The blog itself will turn 4 this summer too!!

On this occasion besides thanking you all for reading and sticking with me all through these years I thought it would be best to share my thoughts about this blog with you all.

Quite some time ago I decided to do this just to follow the topics I am most interested in. I sure want to continue doing it, and want to do it with more consistency and enthusiasm. Here, as sort of a blogging manifesto, I tried to collect all the topics I am keen to share my thoughts about on this platform.

  • On world affairs, obviously, with more commenting and more original stuff.
  • On international law and comparative law – I am a lawyer, after all.
  • On international diplomacy and protocol.
  • On being a lawyer, being a young professional, being a professional woman – original content on careers, lifestyle, inspiration from a professional point of view.
  • On my job. Quite simply, the essence and nature of my job as a legal officer, things I learn, things I struggle with, people I meet, some of it might be of interest to other lawyers or professionals in general.
  • On learning. For me, learning is a hobby, I am always learning something. Be it a MOOC course, a professional training, an academic course, or a new language, I would love to share these experiences.
  • On writing and participation opportunities that grab my attention, I will share some calls for papers, calls for application on the topic of international law and international relations.
  • On events I attend – whether they are legal conferences, protocol events, networking events.
  • On humanitarian issues, volunteering, opportunities to help others.

What do you think? What are the topics you would be most interested in?

There are some technical changes in the making too:

I know that most of you follow me via Tumblr, which is great, thanks to all of you! According to Google Analytics and some feedback though, there are many people who come by who are not on Tumblr. I also had to notice that most of you don’t have Disqus accounts, so you are not able to comment on posts. I really want this to be an interactive thing with content you want to talk about, so I will try to make the blog available for a wider public (i.e. via Facebook and Bloglovin’) very soon.


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And now, on to usual business.

The 100th week of my Sunday smacking was a relatively busy one with lots of share-worthy posts that were hard to choose from. I hope you’ll check out my favorites.

As always thank you all so much for following, have a great Sunday!

Numbers Don’t Lie: Syrians Are Being Abandoned By The Rest of the World

It is the fifth anniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict and there is nowhere near a solution. If there is no other help possible, capable states at least need to help on the humanitarian front.

The Day After the Iran Deal Ends

Like inviting Netanyahu to Congress was not enough, those 47 Republican senators surely stirred the muddy water now. There were numerous great posts about this issue on Lawfare this week, this is just one of them. 

The Real Reason Hillary Clinton is at the UN Today

On Tuesday, that is, and I was really happy about this post. I wasn’t and I am still not sure whether her presser about the e-mail scandal helped gathering attention to the UN Conference on Women or just the opposite, but at least some people were talking about the important stuff too.

House of Cards and International Law

The third season has a major world affairs plot line and we all love those kinds of things around here, don’t we? Don’t read this if you haven’t watched it yet, though. 🙂

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