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Happy Sunday and happy March everybody!

I know spring might still be a couple of weeks away, but I cannot wait already.

In the meantime, everybody I follow seems to be watching House of Cards this weekend. I did not get around to it yet, but no wonder why we are in the same circles, right? How about you all? And no spoilers, please! 🙂

Should you want to take a few minutes in between two episodes, check out these posts.

Mediation Fail in the Central African Republic

This happens when there is good will, but only poor measures. Mediation cannot be carried out by anybody, it requires skill.

The Troubling Silence Surrounding Human Trafficking and the Conflict in Ukraine

The increase of human trafficking is one of the many worrisome side-effects of the present circumstances in Ukraine. And human trafficking was a major problem on this part of the world even before the conflict began. Those numbers are mind boggling.

The Palestinian Authority Jury Award: Implications on Liability of Non-States and Damages for Psychological Harm

The judgement certainly carries a lot of implications and also the sense that it is just the first in the line of many of its kind.

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