Sunday Smack

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It’s been a long time since the last time when I could not manage to post anything between two Sunday Smacks, sorry about that.

Amazingly enough, although I have even failed to mark yesterday’s International Mother Language Day, this post of mine from two years ago got very popular yesterday. Thanks to everybody for still keeping it in circulation!

Now let’s see a couple of interesting posts from not so far back.

The Budapest Memorandum and Beyond: Have the Western Parties Breached a Legal Obligation?

The Ukrainian crisis looks even more troublesome when international treaty interpretation comes into play. The question is more like whether the Western parties also breached their treaty obligations as well as their non-Western counterparts…

Global Condemnation of ISIS Murder of Egyptian Christians in Libya

There are so many branches and separate forms of violence on behalf of ISIL that one starts to wonder whether there could be any possible measure taken to eradicate them entirely.

The Putin visit a day after

Many of this post is simply guessing regarding Putin’s visit to Budapest this Tuesday, since the details of an unusually long one on one discussion between the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Russian President are unknown. Then again, if you want to look further behind the Orbán Government’s recent diplomatic “achievements”, see this post too about the Prime Minister’s visit to Warsaw this week.

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