Sunday Smack

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Happy Weekend Everybody!

How about a little Sunday reading?

Croatia v. Serbia: Genocide and the Dolus Specialis Question

A long awaited judgement of the International Court of Justice in consistence with its (and those of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) previous decisions.

The Aristrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and the Alleged Prohibition on Military Assistance to Governments in Civil Wars

This great and detailed post is solely about the airstrikes in Iraq, but this same question of military assistance to governments in civil wars might soon be current regarding Ukraine as well.

Is Jordan Attacking ISIS on a New Legal Theory?

It is not clear yet and it is certainly not clear whether Jordan would be right to do so. But the ‘eye for an eye’ principle is certainly alive in that region, even in the moderate Arab state, Jordan.

Angela Merkel in Budapest

I do think this does fit into the broad interpretation of world affairs, plus this post is the best I have read about the topic so far (this blog would be highly recommended to Hungarians being misled by Hungarian state media, but unfortunately, most of them don’t speak English…).

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