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Hey Everybody! Am I the only one disturbed by the new changes of Tumblr? I am yet to discover any developments, while I found quite a few failures already. For one thing, please view the above pic’s source here, as Tumblr doesn’t let me link it the usual way anymore… *sighs*

Anyway, believe it or not, one twelfth of the year has already passed so it’s time to review all those goals for 2015! I myself, still being inspired and energized by London, was busy this week with working on different plans. I will share some of them here later!

Now, let’s see what was going on in the world  this week…

Ukraine is Very, Very Close to an All Out Civil War

Instead of improving, things are looking ever more tragic in Ukraine. And yet again, the international organizations set up to prevent events just like this, fail to do their jobs.

Neither War, Nor Peace: Israel’s Northern Borders

Interesting read on how the traditional definitions of war and peace can no longer describe reality when it comes to conflicts in the Middle East.

Can Iran’s New UN Ambassador Get Tehran Relief From UN Sanctions?

Indeed, can he, and also what other miracles he might be capable of, I wonder? But seriously, it is high time for cooperative Iranian diplomacy, perhaps he is the man to represent it at the UN.

Family Immigration Detention at Artesia: An international law inquiry

I usually skip the matters of US immigration law as off-topic, but this post is about its international law implications and also quite interesting.

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