Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday Everybody!

Forgive me if this s just a short, quick and light post, but for the first time in a long time I am putting together this Sunday post in its entirety on Sunday, as I was away for most of the week.

I just got back from London, where I have spent the most wonderful birthday weekend. For a couple of pictures check out my Instagram.

Let’s get down to what I seem to have missed all week.

The State of the Union on Counterterrorism: Does the Rethoric Match the Policies?

On Wednesday I was actually still able to check out a few briefs of President Obama’s speech from the night before. One of its main foreign policy implications is the topic of counterterrorism, but Lawfare also made a great collection of all the relevant parts.

Why Boko Haram Has Stepped Up Attacks in Nigeria?

Why indeed? And will the elections held in February be able to secure the country?

Despite King’s Death, US – Saudi Relationship Unlikely to Change

The death of King Abdullah was another big world affairs news this week. How will Saudi foreign policy change now, not just in terms of the US, is an interesting question.

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