Sunday Smack

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Happy Weekend Everybody!

I had a busy weekend and I cannot believe it is almost over. How about you all?

Take a moment to check out some of my favorite blog posts from this week.

The Baga Massacre

US Secretary of State John Kerry was relatively quick this time to call it a crime against humanity, but is the international community willing and able to act quickly enough to stop further violence?

Misunderstanding Terrorism: Charlie Hebdo Didn’t Provoke the Killers

Is it possible to agree with both sides of this debate? I said it before and I’ll say it again, I do not agree with all the publications of Charlie Hebdo. But I do think that they have a right to commit to their views and opinions. To agree that they provoked the killers, it is like saying the terrorists have a right to kill in revenge. No one has a right to kill, no matter what provocation. Period.

Nils Muiznieks: Migrant law changes would put Spain in “clear breach” of human rights standards

Migrant law and refugee law will go through serious changes throughout Europe thanks in a huge part to the Paris killings. Again, I will stress my opinion that xenophobia is the worst possible direction we can go from where we are now. Unfortunately many European leaders (including Hungary’s prime minister) do not agree.

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