Sunday Smack

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Happy New Year Everybody!

Welcome to the first Sunday Smack of 2015, and the 90th altogether! There is a celebration due in ten weeks! 🙂

If I said last week was down time in blogosphere, this one was even “downer”. And I can’t say I am longing to go back to working weekdays either. I guess I’ll feel different about it once I’m back in the saddle already.

I have some important career goals for 2015 too! I am thinking of ways to share them here with you all and create a career feature on this page.

How would you like that?

Obama Slams North Korea With Sanctions For Sony Hack

Have any of you seen The Interview so far? I am still planning to, but from what I have heard so far, it is a waste of time, and isn’t worth all the fuss it was surrounded with.

Human Rights Watch chief flip-flops on PLO’s ICC gambit

I like to take the sometimes openly biased posts of UNWatch with a grain of salt. What is undoubtedly true is that Palestine joining the ICC creates a whole new scene for the decades long war.

Has the Pre-Trial Chamber jeopardized the Gbagbo trial at the International Criminal Court?

Again, the ICC is in the news for more than one thing. I like these detailed explanations of cases, I hope you’ll like this one too.

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