Sunday Smack

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Goodbye 2014 hello 2015

Happy Sunday everybody, and welcome to the last Sunday Smack of 2014!

This is going to be sort of a holiday edition, since most of my favorite bloggers were off this week too.

I am still planning at least one end of the year post, but in the meantime, here’s what I’ve read this week.

Thawing of US-Cuba Relations: What to Expect Next?

A really great overview of what’s possible to come in the bilateral and international context of the new US-Cuba policy.

Why 2015 Will Be a Huge Year for Humanity

2015 indeed will be a very exciting year for international relations theorists and practitioners. With the UN turning 70 next year a lot of other great events will take place.

The Year to Come in Asia’s Seas

Maritime law is not particularly my area of research or interest, but the China-Japan sea dispute has grown out of some tiny international law case in the past few years.

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