Sunday Smack

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advent candles -simple +nice... love the simplicity of this.

Happy Sunday, people! I hope your holiday season has been merry and joyful so far!

Let’s see what bloggers found worthy of posting about this week.

The Tsar Meets the Sultan

Despite the Turkish president’s recent attitude towards the EU, this Russian-Turkish alliance against Europe was hardly expected by anyone.

The Race to Replace the MDGs Has Officially Begun

Time is running out the Millenium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals that are going to replace them are being worked out. This week the Secretary General released a report on this topic.

Why the ICC Should Be Cautious to Use the Islamic State to Get Out of Africa: Part I and Part II

I like these sequel posts, especially if the topic is such interesting as this one. And speaking of the ICC…

ICC examining U.S. military for war crimes in Afghanistan

This might cause controversy, but  I actually tend to agree with Professor Vogel. This is not what the ICC was set up for. And while yes, these enhanced interrogation techniques might have amounted to cruel treatment which is blameworhty, they also might have saved lives by gaining vital information on terrorism. I do not support inhumane treatment in any way, but I do accept that there may be situations when different standards must be applied.

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